Saturday, August 10, 2013

HOLY SATAN (ഹോളി സാത്താന്‍)


It was about six years after divorce that Pradeep took
to learning Computer seriously. He had enough works during daytime in the provision store he owned, but during the nights, he was feeling so lonely and restive that he had to find some or other works to keep him engaged, however small it may be, so as to keep his mind away from the two years of his wedded life. Seeing television till 11‘o’ clock in the night was beyond question and so he simply sat in his house looking at the darkness and listening the various noises till sleep took hold of him.

It was a friend who suggested learning computer, when he heard
about the problem. And it was a real solution. The friend taught the
basics of computer operations and within a period of six months, he became able to operate it independently. The friend had also helped him to have a mail id, and Pradeep had insisted on adding the year 2008 as part of his id. He did not disclose the importance of the
year to his friend, but it was the year of his divorce.Somehow, he felt it necessary to add the year with his mail id.

The enormous possibilities of internet fascinated him so much that he spent hours in front of it, searching and finding items which interested and appealed to him. Prior to this, he was not much interested in reading articles or stories, but now it became his habit to search out e-magazines and websites, in order to read them. In course of time, he collected the mail ids of some of his friends and
relatives and used to receive and send interesting mails to them.

One day a friend sent to him an e-magazine with a lot of stories and poems and articles. While going through it,he saw an article about male-female relationship and when he read it, he felt that certain points supported by the author were against his knowledge and beliefs. He collected the mail id of the writer from the magazine and sent a reply explaining his points of view, expecting a sharp reply.
But when he opened the computer the next evening,he was totally flabbergasted! Instead of giving a sharp reply, the writer had stated that she - It was a female,although the mail id did not give any clue of it – is a small girl and do not know much about such things and what she wrote was her opinion, which may not necessarily be
correct. He was so pleased with the humble reply that he could not resist appreciating her for the nice presentation of her views.

The friendship grew gradually and they used to exchange pictures and articles and to comment about and criticize them. She sent links of small articles and stories, which she had written and published online, and he read them with relish, always commenting in an appreciating manner. They never discussed anything personal about
themselves and so it went on like an extraterrestrial relationship between two souls living in different planets.He always visualized her with a fondness as if she were a sweet child and she reciprocated as if he was much elder to her. Nothing personal ever interfered. A numinous,upernatural relationship which gave him enormous pleasure and he had reason to believe that she too felt so. A celestial love filled his mind that he sometimes sat for hours together thinking about her.

The relationship went on for three years. He felt so happy at it that he once even wrote to her that he never wanted a physical meeting between them, since it may lessen the heavenly sweetness of their relationship. So happy he was that he even began to think at times about his divorced wife in a different way. Is it that she was
telling the truth? He had charged her of illicit relationship
with one rich man, who lived near her home. She had denied it saying that it was a story cooked-up and propagated by that man who had tried to molest her at his home. She had escaped from there, but he took revenge on her, spreading a rumour that she was his mistress. She had told her parents about him but they could not do anything except to get her married soon, since he was immensely rich and powerful. Pradeep had believed her version of the story in the beginning, but gradually his elder brother’s wife poisoned the minds of the entire family in such a way that he had no other go but to demand a divorce. The hurry with which the marriage was arranged by her parents became the necessary proof for them.
Moreover, they alleged, that if her version was true, her parents or she herself would have disclosed it to them earlier. Hiding such a thing itself means that it is not manipulated, but true. And being afraid of the legal proceedings and subsequent insult, her parents agreed for a divorce with mutual consent. She was aged only twenty two then. And he was thirty five,And one day he received a mail from her:“It is time we have to discontinue this correspondence.I am telling this because if I stop this without informing you, you may think as to what happened to me and it will
make you sorrowful, I know. However, this holy relationship will exist in our minds, I AM SURE.
I am getting married – in fact it is a re-marriage - on
15th May. I do not know how the man is going to be. And if
he is a person, who will be unable to realize the element of
sanctity and purity in our relationship, my wedded life will
again be a painful one, as was the first one. That is why I
want to discontinue this correspondence. Thanks for the
peace and pure happiness and affection you showered on

Incidentally, I would like to let you know that the name of my first husband was also Pradeep, as yours, as I understand from your id. But the similarity ends there.One gave me pure love and affection like a parent, while the other gave me endless pain and sorrow.
I would also like you to know that the year 2008 shown in you id is the year when I was divorced. A miracle perhaps, isn’t it?”

Her words brought a hitherto unknown pain in him. It was not only due to the discontinuation of the correspondence, he was sure, but something else. A pain of repentance, flowing out from some hidden corner of his mind, bringing some memories to the fore. The picture of his wife, who looked totally innocent now, was clearly
visible in his mind’s eye now, making him grief-stricken.Then he saw that she has sent another mail. He opened it in a hurry. Only two words were there:
“Bless me.” And below that she had given her name
and address. The first time.
And it was the name and address of that girl whom he
had divorced!


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