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DISEASES & DIS-EASES ... A Hypothesis which medical scientists shouldn't have ignored...


Diseases are Coexistent with life.  And so with mankind.
On the other hand, human body is the perfect machine ever known, a perfect computer and a perfect engineering system combined.  It is a matter of wonder of the highest degree when we pay attention to the fact that even twenty percent of the capacity of human brain is seldom being utilized and with its pitiably under-utilized capacity, we have reached the other planets and penetrated deep into outer space.  And such a perfect system must have self-rectifying device(s).   Also such a splendid system must have only one end; the natural decay and subsequent death.  But it is not the case.  Apart from accidents, there are diseases!
            And it is noted that diseases are of two kinds.  Diseases like Small Pox, Cholera, and Plague etc. which are caused due to attack of bacteria or virus, generally known as GERMS.   And other types of diseases like Cancer, Diabetics, and Heart-Ailments etc. where no germs are involved.  Strictly speaking, these are only disorders.  Some ceils in the body growing or developing in an unconventional pattern, some substance interfering with the proper functioning of Pancreas or some coagulant at work in blood vessels or heart.  And these disorders remain unrectified in such a fine system as human body!   Is it not rather strange and mysterious?

The purpose of this study is to find a possible explanation to the phenomenon of non-germ diseases and to form a verifiable hypothesis which, if found correct, may result in finding remedies to these diseases.  The tools available for this purpose are very much limited.  Only observation, information from others and logical analysis of the observed things.

       For the purpose of distinguishing, we may use the term diseases for illnesses caused by germs.    For illnesses NOT CAUSED by germs, we may use the term disorders.
         Presently, we find the following differences between diseases and disorders. 
         DISEASES                                                            DISORDER
Caused by germs                                                    Not caused by germs    

Spreads and situation becomes                          Spreads and situation becomes
grave soon                                                           grave slowly

Can be cured by destroying the germs.               Certain methods are used like removal of
                                                                         affected parts, giving insulin, injecting chemicals or cleaning 
                                                                         System or blood vessels etc. In Fact no proper cure..

Basic reason known                                           Basic reason unkown

Can be eradicated by annihilation of germs.         No such system so far

Presence of germs                                               Specific matter present is not known.

It can be seen from the above that the diseases and disorders are                                   
almost opposite in nature.

The Scientists have so far searched for the external matters which cause disorders.  Tobacco, Alcohol, etc, were blamed, but there is no solid proof against them.  And we can even say that these are not the reasons, because all those people who take these are not affected by disorders and many people who are affected by disorders had not even touched these during their life time.  In fact, there are ladies who suffered from Cancer whereas they or their parents, husband or children never used tobacco or alcohol or anything of that sort.

        Diseases caused by germs are not there always; especially epidemics. These break out once in a while only, take away so many lives and then subside, either naturally or due to efforts of medical-people. Then, is it that these germs come out of nowhere to do the killings and then disappear to nowhere?  It cannot be.
          Now, for a while, let us discard the theory of presence of something as far as non-germ diseases are concerned and think in terms of a theory of absence of something.

The disease causing germs are everywhere, every time; in the atmosphere, in the body, in the blood vessels. But their growth and aggressive qualities are kept at the desired level by the body’s immunity as far as their presence in the body is concerned. Only rarely, the germs defeat the immunity and became aggressive and destructive towards the system. But it does not mean that at other times, within the body temperature, these germs are remaining dormant or inactive.  At these times, they are  doing the vital function of cleaning the system, removing excess fat and sugar and decomposing waste materials formed inside the body and thereby rectifying various systems. They destroy the abnormally growing cells and their success means relief from disorders.  As far as these germs are present within the body in the desired level, the disorders are under control.  When the growth and functioning of these germs in the normal situation are challenged and some of them even eradicated, the disorders are on the increase. So by utilizing the disease causing germs, the non-germs diseases can be controlled.

With absolutely no facility available, I could not verify the theory.  But certain conclusions lead to the factuality of the theory.

1. People exposed to Gama radiation are more prone to cancer. (Radiation may be resulting in annihilation of the germs.)

2. Certain bacterium is capable of cleaning the water of oil-slicks.  This almost resembles to cleaning of human body, which contains a very high percentage of fluids. Further it is seen that in the ancient treatment systems, leaches were used to remove impure blood.

3.    Although no proper statistical record is available, it seems from looking around that the increase in incidence of non-germs diseases are proportional to decrease in the incidence of germ-based diseases, especially epidemics.
4. There was an incident, of which, I have learnt from some reliable     source. There was a person, who was suffering from Leukemia.  Expert doctors had pronounced that the patient will not live more than three months since the disease was at such an acute stage.  Then the treatment was taken over by a person, who was not even a doctor, but a mere quack.  The treatment was simple.  It was to keep the patient in a dark room and to permit no light in the room and to give him only raw milk.  And quite surprisingly, the disease was cured.  When I heard of it, I pondered over the incident.  First I felt that by preventing sun light falling upon his body, availability of Vitamin-D was blocked. But then I remembered that in milk also there is Vitamin-D.  It struck me then that quite naturally, the raw milk contained certain germs and they were permitted to multiply in abundance by providing the darkness.  And these germs attacked and annihilated the cancerous cells and rid the patient of the Leukemia.  This seems a possible explanation.  And since it was Cow's milk, the possibility of these germs being Small-pox virus seemed probable.  Of course, it could not be tested.


There are germ-based diseases and non-germ based diseases. By controlling and destroying the germs the diseases caused by them are already under control. These diseases can effectively be treated now. By systematically administering the disease causing germs, the non-germs diseases may be cured.  And as a first step towards verification, it can be tested as to whether Leukemia can be cured by administering the viruses of small-pox.  Even if one hundred percent of the hypothesis not correct, the effectiveness of the aforesaid treatment for Leukemia may be tested. If not with small pox virus, then with some other virus or germs.

This article namely diseases and dis-eases was prepared by me during the year 1991. I had sent it to many Cancer research institutions, and at last succeeded in getting it forwarded to Indian Council of Medical Research by the Ministry of Health, Government of India. Although the then Health Minister himself wanted my suggestions to be examined, I got a reply from ICMR as under:
“This has reference to your letter received on 15th Oct. 1991, regarding theory for curing Cancer. Your hypothesis has been reviewed by the council and its experts. Experts of the council have opined that instead of merely theorizing, he should read the books on Cancer and cell biology. Such books must be available in libraries of medical institutions in Kerala. It will not be possible for the council to provide a list of such books.”

     From the letter, it was clear that they did not bother even to read it carefully, since it is not an article about treating Cancer alone. Further, they did not mention whether the idea is right or wrong.  However, there was an article in the Malayalam daily MATHRUBHOOMI dated 18th February 2007 titled as ‘ARBUDACHIKILSAYKK ROGANU’ (disease causing germs for treating Cancer). It says that a bacterium namely ‘Clostridium Novi’ can be used to send medicine directly to the insides of a tumor as per the results of a research conducted by some American researchers on rats. Naturally, it was the result of their research about the action of germs on cancerous growths. I believe that if ICMR had taken my theory seriously, they could also have reached such a conclusion earlier.
However, I am happy that my basic conclusion has been proved right. That the germs are actually our friends, whose main function is to rectify the mistakes in the machinery, which is the physical body. But at times they become the cause of diseases for some or other purpose, only known to them.  And we notice these germs only when they become the cause of diseases.  Like the scavengers of an airport getting the attention of passengers, only when they refrain from doing their duties properly.   

And I now understand that the same ICMR is going to make a study, after so many detailed studies by various institutions, as learnt, to decide whether Endosulfan is dangerous to health!



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